The Panther IV mit Panther F turret was a proposed plan to upgrade the German Panzer IV tank in use, with the new Schmaltürme Panther turret armed with the 7.5cm KwK L/70, by the Krupp company in 1944. However, the Panzer IV chassis proved inadequate to deal with the weight of the turret and would have been hopelessly overloaded, putting an end to further plans for development and production.

Ryefield Model Panzer IV Ausf.J mit Panther F Turret contains 12 light tan plastic sprues, 24 light grey sprues for the workable tracks, 2 clear sprues for the periscopes and vision ports, 2 PE frets, poly caps, and a decal sheet. The kit features clean crisp, sharp details. 

Two types of front road wheels, steel and rubber rims, are provided in the kit with fine details such as the markings on the rubber rims. The kit also features a fully workable suspension system and workable tracks after, allowing for a varied terrain diorama setting.

Two main gun barrels, KwK 42 L/70 & L100, are included for the Schmaltürme turret in addition to the turret’s IR night vision equipment.

All hatches on the kit can be built either open or closed, with a movable main gun which can be elevated and depressed even after assembly.

The PE frets include various parts for the kit as well as the late type Schürzen side skirts.

Three marking options are included for 3 vehicles painted in late war what-if camo patterns.