The German Panther G medium tank was an improved version of the earlier Panther tank, which was specifically developed to counter the Soviet T-34 tank, armed with the formidable 75 mm KwK 42 L/70 main gun. The Panther G benefitted from enhanced protection in certain key areas with the omission of the driver’s front observation port and a newly installed machine gun ball, while reducing both the weight and production time needed. During the final stage of the war, to offset the overwhelming advantages of the Allied forces in the number of aviation and armored forces in night operations, the Panther G was fitted with the FG1250 “Sperber” active infrared night vision system. The system allowed the ability to detect and attack enemy targets several hundred meters away. However, due to the high cost, only 50 to 60 Panther Ausf.G tanks were equipped with the system.

Meng‘s Panther Ausf.G Late w/ Infrared Night Vision System features:

  • Realistic plates and frame assembly design just like the real vehicle.
  • Crisp steel rolled texture, weld cut marks, and realistic weld lines on armor plates.
  • Cast texture on newly tooled late type main gun mantlet.
  • All hatches can be built either open or closed.
  • Movable main gun which can be elevated and depressed after assembly.
  • Newly tooled FG1250 “Sperber” active infrared night vision system.
  • Clear parts for the periscopes and night vision system.
  • 2 types of exhaust pipes.
  • 2 types of road wheels, all-steel or with rubber rims.
  • Individual track link assembly.
  • Length of metal cable to depict tow cable.
  • Metal Schürzen side skirts.
  • 1 PE fret.
  • 4 marking options for 2 vehicles deployed in Germany, 1 in Belgium, and 1 in Czechoslovakia painted in various 3 tone German Camo.