The German Panther Ausf.F medium tank was a limited upgrade of the Panther G medium tank equipped with a newly designed turret, planned for production in April 1945.  The newly designed Schmaltürme turret, German for narrow turrets, featured a narrow gun mantlet behind a 120 mm thick front plate, and a built in stereoscopic rangefinder. Offering better protection for its crew, the Panther F was armed with the formidable 7.5 cm KwK 42 L/70 main gun\

Ryefield Model‘s German Panther Ausf.F German medium tank consists of  14 tan & 1 clear plastic sprue for the periscopes and vision ports, 1 PE fret, a length of rope for the tow cable, a bag containing individual track links, and a decal sheet. The kit features crisp details. All armor plates feature a crisp steel rolled texture along with the weld cut marks on the edges, along with realistic weld lines.

Two types of road wheels, steel and rubber rims, are included in the kit with finely moulded details such as the bolts and markings on the rubber rims. The kit also features a fully workable suspension system and workable tracks after assembly, allowing for a varied terrain diorama setting.

Two main gun barrels, KwK 42 L/70 & L100, are included for the Schmaltürme turret in addition to the turret’s IR night vision equipment.

All hatches on the kit can be built either open or closed, with a movable main gun which can be elevated and depressed even after assembly.

The PE fret includes parts for the engine deck’s intake grilles, as well as various parts for the build.

Four marking options are included for 4 vehicles painted in a late war 3tone German Camo.