The P-40 or 1S12, NATO codename “Long Track”, was the first high mobility radar to enter service with the then new tactical anti-aircraft forces of the Soviet armed forces. Mounted on an extended AT-T artillery tractor for transport, the P-40 radar benefitted from excellent mobility for a vehicle of its kind. The P-40’s radar was capable of being folded to further aid in transport. Managed by a crew of 6, the P-40 was operated by the former Soviet Union from 1963 till it became obsolete and was passed down to successor states.

Trumpeter‘s 1/35 P-40/1S12 “Long Track” S-Band Acquisition Radar contains 19 plastic sprues, a slide moulded chassis, driver’s & radar cabin, 2 PE frets, a precut masking sheet for the windows, and 2 decal sheets. The kit features delicate details on the radar cabin’s external surface, handles, mounted storage boxes, and ribbed tires. The driver’s cabin also features delicate details for the hood and radiator intake grills, and includes a complete interior, with the driving controls, seats, and dashboard, which are visible once the assembly is complete.

The open frame radar antenna consists of 3 separate parts, and can be either built in the deployed or stowed position with an intricate assembly for the main mast. The PE frets include parts for the main radar’s delicate, thinner antennas as well as parts for the vehicle’s assembly.

Five marking options are included for 3 vehicles painted in overall Green, and 2 camouflaged units