The Namer, Hebrew for “Leopard”, is an Israeli heavy armored personnel carrier based on the Merkava IV tank chassis. More heavily armored than its counterpart fighter, the Namer was designed for increased survivability and rapid repair with its modular armor, belly armor pack, and Chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear defense (CBRN). The lack of a fighting turret was put to  use in beefing up the vehicle’s armor package. Multiple vehicles were later equipped with the Trophy active protection system to protect the vehicle against anti tank guided missiles (ATGMs) and rocket propelled grenades.

Armed with a M2 12.7 mm Browning heavy machine gun or a Mk 19 40 mm grenade launcher on a Samson Remote Controlled Weapon Station (RCWS), a FN MAG 7.62 mm general purpose machine gun and a 60 mm mortar in addition to smoke grenade launchers, The Namer is capable of maneuvering in difficult terrain,  and is capable of carrying up to 12 fully equipped troops.

Though entering service in limited numbers with the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) since the end of 2008, there are still only very limited numbers of Namers in service due to budget constraints.

Meng‘s 1/35 Namer consists of 10 light grey sprues, 1 clear sprue for the periscopes and vision ports, slide molded chassis plus a lower hull and idler wheels, a set of flexible vinyl tracks, one PE fret, and a decal sheet. The kit features crisp details as can be seen on the subtle anti-slip texture, upper hull’s weld lines and bolts, highly detailed Samson remote controlled weapons station and the slide molded .50 Cal heavy machine gun, cast numbers on the steel road wheels, and the included vinyl tracks. The kit can be built as one of three available variants, a dog house command version with BAR armor, a late APC version, and a version equipped with the Trophy active protection system. The included PE fret provides parts for the lower hull’s screens and number plates.

Three marking options are included, with vehicles painted in IDF Sinai Grey, for Vehicle 896 – 270,Northern Command, IDF, Golan Heights; Vehicle 895-677, 1stGolani Brigade, IDF, Golan Heights, January 2017;  and Vehicle 895-819, 1st Squad, 6thComabt Engineers Platoon, 4th (Wild horses) Company, 12th“Barak” (lightening) Battalion, IDF, Golan Heights.