Mud is one of the most sought-after effects, and avoided at the same time by scale modelers due to the lack of proper techniques and products suitable for its application.

In the latest volume of the Modelling School, from AMMO By Mig, scale modelers will learn in series the knowledge, techniques, and products necessary to apply any mud effect on scale models.

The authors have included every level of humidity, and every possible texture as seen on tracked and wheeled vehicles, with various levels of complexity. With this guide you will be able to replicate any type of mud including dry, wet or fresh, in the form of splashes, drained muddy water, slush, small and large accumulations, and even thick mud with a lot of texture.

This book also explains how to depict the most typical mud accumulations by accounting for the different areas of the vehicle the front, rear, sides, running gear, tracks, and wheels. In addition to other areas of deposited mud due to the actions of the crew stepping with muddy boots on the various surfaces and diorama terrains.

The guide will cover the best techniques suited by your needs and preferences by demonstrating both simple and more complex techniques, each delivering excellent results.

This 188 pages book also contains over 700 high resolution pictures of the described techniques and reference photos of real vehicles with a library of authentic and unique mud effects references.