The 3.7 cm Flak Möbelwagen was a self-propelled anti-aircraft gun based on the Panzer IV tank chassis. Due to the decreasing ability of the Luftwaffe in defending the battlefield, ground-based anti-aircraft weapons were becoming increasingly important to the Wehrmacht.  Nicknamed “Moving Fan” for its boxy appearance, the Möbelwagen was equipped with single, 360 degrees traversable,  3.7 cm Flak 43 L/89 to provide better protection against the newer, higher, and faster aircrafts deployed by the Allies.

Four 2omm hinged plates provided protection for the crew, which can be also fully or partially lowered allowing for the engagement of low-level airborne as well as ground targets. With only 240 built, the Möbelwagen was later succeeded by the Wirbelwind and Ostwind Flakpanzers.

Border Model‘s Möbelwagen consists of 11 light grey plastic sprues, 2 PE frets, a slide moulded chassis, and a decal sheet. The kit features crisp, clean parts featuring fine details as seen with the previous releases by Border Model. Such details include the intricate weld lines and antiskid pattern on the fenders and armor plates. The kit’s highly detailed 3.7mm Flak, with its perforated muzzle brake and ammo magazines, includes a PE empty cartridges’ basket for added details.

The highly detailed link and length tracks are moulded with a realistic sag effect, with the choice of 3 return rollers. Additional versions of the vehicle can be replicated with the included 2 types of exhausts.

One figure is included for a crew members holding binoculars

3 marking options are provided for one vehicle in Hungry during 1945, one in France during Autumn 1944, and one unknown unit in Germany during 1945.