The Merkava Mk.2D (Mark II) is an upgraded version of the IDF’s main battle tank, Merkava Mk.1 which saw extensive use in the 1982 Lebanon war. The newly upgraded tank incorporated numerous small adjustments, as a result of the experience gained during the incursion into Lebanon, resulting in the Merkava Mk.2D tank suitable for urban warfare and low intensity conflicts.

Armed with the same 105mm main gun, and the 7.62 FN MAG general purpose machine guns, the Mark II’s 60 mm mortar was redesigned to be operated and fired from within the turret, reducing the risk of exposing the operator to enemy small arms fire. Additionally, some Merkava Mark IIs benefitted from a locally redesigned automatic transmission system and increased fuel capacity for increased ranges. Further minor upgrades to the Merkava Mk.2D were made such as on the fire-control system, updated weather and crosswind sensors, as well as thermographic optics and image intensifiers for an improved visibility and battlefield awareness. The most notable upgrade to the Merkava Mark II was the modular composite armor in addition to the previously mounted anti-tank rocket ball and chain armor. The newly installed composite armor, on both the chassis and turret, resulted in further improved protection while allowing rapid replacement of damaged armor.

Takom‘s Merkava MK.2D consists of 14 light grey plastic sprues, 2 transparent for periscopes and visions ports, a PE fret, a slide molded chassis, upper hull and turret, track assembly jigs, a length of copper cable to replicate the towing cable, and a decal sheet. The kit features crisp details with no visible ejector pin marks when assembled. The kit’s excellent details are emphasized with the details on both the lower hull, and chassis such as the intricate weld lines, handles, grills, and bolt details. The lower hull’s storage basket feature a molded canvas cover along with the included photo etched parts. The kits turret also displays intricate details with visible weld lines, handles, and storage boxes on the roof. Additional details on the turret feature the delicate ball and chain armor, a photo etched storage basket grill, and the copper tow cable.

3 marking options are included in the kit, with tanks painted in the IDF Sinai Gray 82 color.