From the novelty design made under external pressure 50 years ago to the classic tank family now, the Merkava tanks have been in service with the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) for half a century. They are a typical representative of the pragmatism of the Israeli armed forces. During this long period of time, they have been both the sharpest spearhead of the Israeli armored units and the strongest shield, with the latest Merkava 4/4LIC.

Researched with the help of Michael Mass, MENG‘s latest 1/35 Merkava Mk.4/4LIC kit consists of 11 light grey, one black , one clear plastic sprues, a PE fret, and 2 slide molded turret halves and idlers, along with a lower hull. The kit features a brand new tooled turret, stowage baskets, updated side skirts, movable suspension, and workable tracks. The Merkava Mk.4/4LIC w/Nochri-Kal Mine Roller System can be built either as a Merkava Mk.4 or Merkava Mk.4 LIC with the “Droid” active protection system which is responsible for firing laser beams capable of interrupting or disrupting the guidance systems of anti tank guided missiles The specially developed optional Nochri Kal mine roller system is movable allowing for a diorama setup on a varied terrain.
One marking option is included for IDF Tank 17 Gimel (17C), 3rd Eshet “Steel” Battalion in the Golan Heights in 2009.