The Russian MAZ- 537G is a military truck, artillery tractor, originally designed for towing loads up to 50 tons. With the use of semitrailers, the later MAZ-537G version provided a maximum load of 65 tons. The vehicle’s front cab seats the driver and 3 passengers for a total of four occupants, with two access doors on the side and a roof hatch. The MAZ-537G also benefitted from an additional winch to facilitate loading and unloading vehicles, as well as enabling self recovery if stuck. Widely used in both military and civilian/engineering use, the MAZ-537G’s noted role was transporting tanks and military equipment in battlefields.

Trumpeter MAZ-537G Late Type w/ ChMZAP-9990 Semi-trailer consists of 19 light grey plastic sprues, 2 slide molded parts, 1 clear sprue for the windshields and vehicle lights, 2 PE frets, 23 rubber wheels, and a decal sheet. The kit features cleanly molded, well defined details as can be seen on the slide molded cabin and engine compartment parts and highly detailed suspension assembly and transmission. The tractor’s intricate chassis incorporates a complete drive train assembly, with the slide molded suspension arms and included rubber tires. The suspension system can be easily altered to allow for a diorama setting if the scale modeler chooses to. The slide molded driver’s cab and doors are detailed on both sides with separate doors and grab handles. Two options are provided for the driver’s instrument panel, either an engraved plastic part of a highly detailed 4-part PE assembly. The kit also includes laser cut masks to aid in painting the windows of the driver’s cab.

The flatbed trailer and bed floor consist of single large molded parts. The trailer assembly consists of numerous smaller parts with the two large foldable ramps. The wheels feature well defined details as can be seen on the realistically reproduced tread pattern and hubs.

One marking options is included for one unknown unit colored in overall Russian Green.