The Magach 6B GAL was the Israeli modernized version of the M60A1 RISE main battle tank. Developed after Operation Peace for Galilee, the IDF decided to improve the Magach 6B fire control system by replacing its range finder and ballistic computer with a more advanced GAL fire control system. The installation of a new periscope resulted in the construction of a new and larger armored housing, which was positioned in front of the commander’s cupola. A crosswind sensor mast was positioned on the rear left hand of the turret roof. Further enhancements on the tank included a thermal sleeve the 105mm main gun. As a result of the modifications, the Magach’s improved shooting accuracy and outstanding add-on armor gave the Magach 6B GAL the same combat effectiveness of the latest main battle tanks at the time, serving as a first-line tank for many years, in parallel to the Merkava series tanks.

Meng‘s latest Magach 6B GAL consists of 14 tan colored sprues, a slide moulded lower hull and turret, 1 clear plastic sprue, 1 PE fret, 1 vinyl sprue holding parts for the main gun’s mantlet and recoil dust cover, and metal tubes for the lower hull’s suspension system.

The kit features crisp cast texture effect on the slide moulded turret, lower and upper hull. Every detail of the externally mounted external reactive armor is replicated to the finest bolt. Additional IDF tank features such as the rear telephone box, 2 smoke dischargers on the turret, 2 FN MAG 7.62 mm general purpose machine guns on the turret roof with a search light, as well as the centrally mounted .50 Cal heavy machine gun. Clear parts are included to replicate the main headlights’ lenses, turret’s main sight, and periscopes.

As the earlier Magach 6B GAL Batash released by Meng, this kit comes with a fully workable suspension system, and tracks, after assembly, for a real diorama scenario. A track assembly jig is included to aid in the assembly.

The included PE fret contains 1 stowage basket mesh, and registration number plates.
3 marking options are included for 3 various vehicles in the Judean Desert during 1998.