The M728 Combat Engineer Vehicle is a fully tracked engineer vehicle designed to provide maximum ballistic protection for the crew, based on the M60 tank series. The M728 vehicle was developed for breaching, obstacle removal, transportation of demolition teams, and pioneering operations. The m728 is also equipped with a hydraulically operated M9 dozer blade for clearing the way, filling depressions, and leveling ground. A winch and a retractable A-frame crane are mounted on the turret for lifting, carrying and winching operations.

The vehicle is armed with a 165mm M135 short-barreled gun with 30 highly explosive (HE) rounds. The main gun’s primary purpose is for clearing defensive fixtures and obstacles, such as walls, fences, roadblocks and bunkers, or for destroying buildings. In addition, the M728 is equipped with a coaxial 7.62mm machine gun, alongside the commanders .50 caliber heavy machine gun.

AFV Club‘s latest 1/35 M728 Combat Engineer Vehicle consists of more than 700 parts spread on 13 sprues. The various parts of the tank, crane, and dozer blade feature crisp fine details. Both the slide molded lower hull and turret assembly feature a fine cast texture as seen on the real tank. The kit includes a partial driver’s component, with clear parts for the periscopes and vision ports found on the tank. The main barrel is included a turned aluminum part along with metal chains, and a nylon thread for the A-frame winch boom. The kit also includes 2 PE frets for various details.