The M4A3E2 Jumbo, a special Sherman variant, was the Allies response for Germany’s latest tanks during World War 2. With the mass production of the M26 Pershing requiring more time, the Jumbo received a thicker chassis and turret armor on the Sherman basis. It was capable of withstanding large caliber German tank guns and anti tank guns. Later, the Jumbo was refitted the 76 mm main gun and had better anti-armor capability. In the end of December 1944, a Jumbo tank of the 4th Armored Division under the command of General Patton led a unit of U.S. soldiers and broke the German’s Siege on the town of Bastogne, joining forces with the 101st Airborne Division, highly benefiting the allies in the Battle of the Bulge.

MENG‘s latest product in their Sherman series, the U.S. M4A3E2 Jumbo Assault tank, consists of 12 tan plastic sprues, 1 slide moulded lower and upper hull, 1 clear plastic sprue, 1 PE fret, steel pins, a copper cable, 2 lengths of rubber tracks, and a metal barrel for the first batch. The kit features crisp exterior details which are visible on the hull’s cast texture effect and weld lines. The Jumbo’s additional front and side hull armor, and new mantlet have been realistically reproduced.

The kit includes 3 types of road wheels, with a movable suspension system featuring true metal springs for the vertical volute suspension system just like the real tank. The included metal springs have been modified to represent the heavier tank’s weight due to the extra armor, resulting in a lower over all height than the other Sherman tanks. 2 types of tracks are included, with a fully workable individual plastic tracks with the installation of steel pins, with the included jig, or a ready to glue set of rubber tracks.

The clear plastic sprue contains parts for the head light lenses, commander’s copula, and adjustable hatch periscopes. The PE fret includes parts for the light guards, which are also provided as polystyrene parts, casting mark numbers, and various exterior parts.

5 marking options are provided, including the first in Bastogne Jumbo unit that broke the siege.