The M48A5 was the last major upgrade of the US M48 Patton medium battle tank, which first saw service in the Vietnam War. The upgraded tank was retrofitted with the M68 105mm main gun, a 7.62,mm coaxial machine gun instead of the earlier .30 caliber M37 gun, a new M1 cupola for the commander, a new diesel engine, and T142 tracks. Two turret mounted machine guns, .50 cal or M60, were installed for the commander and loader.

Manned by a crew of 4, the M48A5 tank saw widespread service with the United States, NATO, and various export countries such as Israel, Iran, and Lebanon.

Takom 1/35 M48A5 Medium Battle Tank, item No: 2161 features:

  • Highly detailed parts featuring crisp weld lines and bolts.
  • Realistically reproduced cast texture on lower hull and turret.
  • Single piece slide moulded main gun barrel, with highly detailed dust cover.
  • Fully workable suspension system, and shock absorbers after assembly.
  • Fully workable tracks with assembly jig.
  • Clear parts for the headlights, and periscopes.
  • Optional .50cal M2 or M60 machine guns for the commander’s cupola.
  • 1 PE fret.
  • Copper cable for depicting tow cable.
  • 4 Marking options for 3 US tanks & 1 Lebanese Armed Forces tank belonging to the First Armored Vehicles Regiment.