The M3A1 scout car was first produced in 1938. Mainly used by armored and reconnaissance units, the scout car also proved well suited to be used on paved roads. During the Second World War, the M3A1 was rarely used in the dangerous role of scouting enemy positions, but was mainly deployed to service as an armored personnel carrier. Known as the White scout car, the M3A1 was supplied in large numbers under the Lend Lease Act to the Soviet Union and Free French forces. The vehicle could carry a crew of eight and was armed with a .50 M2 machine gun in the front and two .30 1917 Brownings at the rear of the vehicle. After the war, surplus vehicles were exported to other nations serving for many years.

The M3A1 Late Production Scout Car w/ M-30 122mm Howitzer, from Hobby Boss, consists of more than 600 parts for two full kits. Both kits, the M3A1 car and M-30 howitzer, feature crisp details. The kit includes newly slide moulded jerry cans, doors, front panels requiring no additional assembly. The M-30 howitzer with its independent cart also feature crisp, fine details as can be seen with the hollow cast small parts. The M-30 howitzer comes with 2 PE frets and a turned aluminum barrel.