The Oshkosh JLTV or Joint Light Tactical Vehicle is a newly developed Light Combat Tactical All-Terrain Vehicle, L-ATV, by the US military to replace the fleet of ageing HMMWV or HUMVEE utility vehicles. The JLTV’s main objective is to provide a higher level of protected mobility, in comparison to heavier M-RAP vehicles previously deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan, improving survivability in missions.

The M1278 JLTV GP is armed with a shielded, roof mounted M2 heavy machine gun turret. The vehicle can also be fitted with various remotely-controlled weapon stations, armed with the M2 12.7 mm heavy machine gun, or a lightweight 30 mm chain gun.

Various JLTV variants were developed to meet different roles on the battlefield including as utility, close combat weapons carrier, and general purpose configurations.

Ilovekit M1278 JLTV GP Heavy Guns Carrier, kit No: 63536, features:

  • Highly detailed slide molded crew cabin.
  • Highly detailed roof turret.
  • Highly detailed undercarriage and transmission assembly.
  • Intricate front and rear suspension units assembly.
  • Complete 4-door cabin interior with seats, dashboard, and center racks.
  • Accurately reproduced rubber tires with realistic tread pattern.
  • Clear parts for the headlights and armored glass.
  • 1 PE fret.
  • Pre-cut masking sheet for painting the clear parts.
  • 2 marking options for 1 desert sand, and one 3 tone colored vehicle.