The American M1151 Enhanced Armament Carrier is an up armored version of the M1025 Humvee, High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV), light, four-wheel drive, military truck and utility vehicle produced by AM General. Due to the M1025’s inadequate unarmored design, which proved to be inadequate and vulnerable to improvised explosive devices, the M1151 came as a  response to combat demands in offering increased protection by installing armour kits to the Humvee.

Additionally ,the Enhanced Armament Carrier was fitted with a heavier chassis and an improved engine to handle the extra weight of the add-on armour. The vehicle is also capable of carrying more passengers or additional supplies if needed.

Primarily used by the United States military, the M1151 was also exported to various nations such as Afghanistan, Iraq, and Lebanon.

Academy Hobby M1151 Enhanced Armament Carrier features:

  • Highly detailed kit.
  • Complete chassis assembly with transmission, suspension, and drive train assemblies.
  • Extended grill and bumper.
  • Highly detailed add on armour and armoured doors.
  • Complete armoured interior.
  • Highly detailed roof turret with .50 Cal M2 heavy machine gun.
  • Included Blue Force tracker and Duke jammer antennas.
  • Rear trunk can be built as open or closed.
  • Moulded AM General logo on rear hood.
  • 2 included figures.
  • Clear parts for windows.
  • 1 PE fret.
  • 1 marking option.