The M114A1 is a 155mm towed howitzer developed and used by the United States Army. The M114A1 was developed for the US Army and saw service in World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War. The gun was also exported, and deployed with various armed forces including Lebanon.

Bronco Models US M114A1 155mm Howitzer kit features:

  • Highly detailed movable gun cradle.
  • Highly detailed controls and gun sight assembly.
  • Accurately detailed gun breech assembly.
  • Workable, highly detailed plastic springs for the gun’s air brake cylinders.
  • Highly detailed base plate jack and travel lock.
  • Can be built in the firing or transport mode.
  • Slide moulded, single piece mud wheels.
  • Includes 155mm ammunition.
  • 1 PE Fret.