The M1132 Engineer Squad Vehicle (ESV) is a combat engineering vehicle based on the Stryker eight-wheeled armoured fighting platform. Issued to combat engineer squads in the US Army Stryker Brigade Combat Teams (SBCT), the M1132’s primary role is to transport and support combat engineers on the battlefield. The Stryker ESV can clear mines, and make safe lanes, to vehicles, and troops, using its distinctive mine-clearing blade and marking system. The vehicle can also be equipped with the SPARK Light Weight Mine Roller system, with additional mine clearing equipment often towed in a wheeled trailer behind the vehicle.

The M1132 is armed with a roof mounted, .50 Cal heavy machine gun or 40mm grenade launcher, remote controlled weapons station

AFV Club M1132 Engineer Squad Vehicle features:

  • Highly detailed kit.
  • Accurately reproduced details and bolts.
  • Highly detailed suspension system.
  • Highly detailed, movable mine plow blade.
  • Movable lane marking dispensers.
  • Newly tooled headlights’ mount and Stryker ESV Accessories.
  • Highly detailed M151 remote weapons station.
  • Optional choice for M2 .50 Cal machine gun or Mk19 40mm grenade launcher. 
  • Rubber tires with realistically reproduced tread pattern.
  • Clear parts for periscopes and lights.
  • 1 PE fret.
  • 4 marking options.