The Leopard 2A6M CAN is a Canadian variant of the German Leopard 2A6 main battle tank. Loaned to the Canadian Army by the German Bundeswehr, the Leopard 2A6M CAN benefitted from significant modifications such as the distinctive slat armor, turret storage boxes and umbrella, and upgraded armor package on the front glacis plate in addition to the newly installed belly armor. Armed with a 120 mm Rheinmetall L/55 smoothbore gun and two 7.62mm MG3A1, one coaxial and one turret mounted, the Leopard 2A6M CAN provided increased firepower and protection to Canadian troops operating in South Afghanistan.

Ryefield Model‘s 1/35th scale Canadian Leopard 2A6M CAN consists of 12 light tan plastic sprues, 3 dark grey for the workable tracks, 1 clear sprue for the periscopes and vision ports, 1 black rubber sprue for the poly caps and rear mud fenders, a length of nylon wire for the tow cable, a slide molded turret and lower hull, a PE fret, and a decal sheet. The kit features crisp details as can be seen on various panels, bolts and weld lines, the slide molded 1 part main gun barrel, and an anti slip texture on the both lower hull and turret. The highly detailed parts feature crisp textured effects such the main gun’s fume extractor, 3D printed collimator or muzzle reference system, and the turret’s tools bags and umbrella. The various rear stowage boxes can be assembled in the open or closed position allowing for additional stowage to be visible. Two types of turret machine guns are included in the kit, the German MG3 Machine gun and the a 7.62mm GPMG machine gun. The crisply molded slat armor features thin blades which can be further upgraded with the Ryefield Model’s PE solution. The kit also features a fully workable suspension system and tracks, allowing for a varied terrain diorama setting.

The PE fret includes various parts such as for the commander’s independent periscope, stowage bins’ and engine intake grills,

1 marking option is included for one Canadian unit, painted in NATO’s standard 3-tone camouflage, serving in Kandahar.