Western 3rd Generation Revolutionary Child Born in France

Among the main tanks of Western countries called the 3rd Generation after World War II, the main force tank of the French army, Leclair, adopted a number of advanced equipments at that time. Computer controlled all of the main functions of the tank by the vehicle electronic system installed ahead of other countries. You can communicate the position and state of the vehicle to ally vehicles and headquarters in real time. The turret composed of a smooth line is equipped with a 120-mm slide gun developed independently by France and an automatic loading device, enabling engagement with six targets within 35 seconds even while driving. In addition, armor boards are modular and interchangeable, making repair and remodeling easier. 132 was completed by 1996 is called Series 1, and since 1997 Series 2, which has been improved on each part such as newly installing a large-scale air conditioner for computers on the top of the turret, appeared. By 2003, 178 were produced.

About the Model

Plastic model assembly kit of Leclerc Series 2 French main battle tank. 1/35 scale,with a total length of  306 mm, full width 104 mm. Realistically molded innovative style turret, with modular armor, cupola smoke dischargers, and side skirts. Headlights and taillights are provided as transparent parts. Commander figure included. 4 types of decal markings included.

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Commander’s post features rotating commander’s sight, periscope with clear lenses, and 1 commander figure.

French developed 120mm smoothbore gun with thermal sleeve accurately reproduced. Clear parts for headlights, tail lights and periscope lenses.

Rear hull includes finely detailed engine grille and surface imperfections reproducing the non-slip finish of the actual tank.

Intricate rear hull detailing includes rear panel grille, tow cable, external fuel tank, fuel tank pipe stay and fuel tank stays.

Detailing includes recessed smoke dischargers, storage racks, short and long snorkel, and air-conditioning unit unique to Series 2 tanks.