The Jackal 2 or MWMIK, Mobility Weapon-Mounted Installation Kit, is a family of British vehicles in use by the British Army and Royal Air Force Regiment, with some units sent to Ukraine during the recent Russo-Ukrainian conflict. Primarily developed for deep reconnaissance, the |Jackal also serves as a rapid assault and fire support platform, where high mobility, endurance and manoeuvrability are essential.

The MWMIK can carry increased payloads and fuel compared to its Jackal 1 predecessor, allowing it to carry greater amounts of additional equipment and protection over longer distances, providing support to its crew for distances of over 800 kms.

Hobby Boss Jackal 2 High Mobility Weapon Platform features:

  • Highly detailed kit depicting Jackal 2 vehicle, wrongfully labelled as Jackal 1.
  • Highly detailed slide moulded, armoured lower hull with detailed rivets and bolts.
  • Highly detailed intricate assembly suspension and steering systems. 
  • Highly detailed crew compartment including electronics, frames, and armour plates.
  • Newly tooled late type roll cage with weapon’s ring.
  • Highly detailed grenade machine gun GMG. 
  • Complete array of accessories such as pioneering tools, jerry cans, and ammo cans.
  • Rubber wheels with authentically reproduced tire pattern.
  • 3 PE frets.
  • 2 marking options.
  • Kit can be backdated and built in the Jackal 1 configuration.