The M113 is a lightly armored, air transportable, personnel carrier developed and put in service in the 1960s. Still in active service today, with countless variants, it was used by more than 50 countries. The IDF M113A1 NAG’MASH, is a desert adapted M113 deployed by the IDF.

AFV Club M113A1 NAG’MASH consists of 11 dark green sprues, 1 clear sprue for the carrier’s periscopes and lights, 1 PE fret, and a newly tooled slide moulded hull. The kit also includes a set of vinyl rubber tracks. The kit features crisp details with a complete interior, minus the engine. The movable torsion bar suspension system allows possible diorama scenarios on uneven terrain. All hatches on the M113A1 NAG’MASH and rear ramp are movable after assembly.

The kit includes plenty of details on the outside, as well as the inside. The front of the hull features a crisply moulded floatation ramp, while the front headlights are included as clear styrene for maximum realism. Few of the most prominent features of the IDF M113A1 are the side stowage rails, as well as the downward diverted exhaust pipe which are present in the kit. The busy roof includes tools with PE fasteners, additional .50 Cal ammunition boxes, the choice of 2 FN MAG 7.62mm general purpose machine guns, or a large pair of binoculars alongside a light mortar.