Deployed in service by the U.S. Army in 1963, the M109 self propelled howitzer (SPH) underwent a series of changes and upgrades. The most notable change was the longer 39 caliber barrel. The IDF received their first 60 M109s in 1967, after years of boycotts and refusals. Various changes by the IDF included the addition of hull mounted crew rails on the sides and the modification of the muzzle brake to the Soltam.

One of the latest in their line of M109s, the AFV Club IDF M109A2 Rochev (Rider) saw combat in Lebanon in 1982 during Operation Peace For Galilee. The kit consists of 680 parts, featuring crisp molded details on the all new side hull parts, and slide molded turret. Unique modifications to the IDF M109A2 Rochev include the early IDF type muzzle brake, turret front mounted stowage baskets and jerry cans, which are accurately represented in the kit. The kit also includes a PE fret for replicating the stowage baskets and various parts on the hull. A set of Vinyl tracks comes with the kit and can be upgraded to a fully workable set of tracks if desired so by the scale modeller.

Additional parts include IDF munition carriers and charge containers along with crew assault weapons, such as the Travor TAR-21, as additional stowage. The kit included an option for 3 IDF artillery units.