The Strongest Last Tiger

The middle stages of WWII saw the production of the world’s heaviest and most powerful tank of its time, the Jagdtiger. Featuring on the Jagdtiger was a long barreled 12.8cm gun which showed great offensive capabilities. While based on the King Tiger’s chassis, the newly designed Jagdtiger was approximately 30cm longer. Along with its new design, the large sized fixed fighting compartment was given a 250mm thick front defensive armament which was unique to this tank. First appearing at the Ardennes offensive in December 1944, and Jagdtiger mostly fought against Allied forces in Western Germany from January 1945. Until the end of the war, the Jagdtiger continued to menace and ambush Allied forces and U.S. Sherman tanks from distances of 3,000m or more.

About the model

This is a 1/35 scale plastic assembly model kit of the impressive Jagdtiger which entered the latter stages of WWII. Length: 301mm, Width 107mm. The Jagdtiger’s solid form and even more impressive firepower have been successfully captured with this model. Having a larger hull than the King Tiger, early edition parts such as the spare track racks and jack are realistically reproduced. Comes with a separately molded part for the fighting compartment roof. The main gun which you can assemble in a recoiled state, shell rack, gun mount, floor boards, and other interior parts have been accurately reproduced for a very authentic model. Separately molded disc parts for the road wheels add extra depth to the model. You can choose having the gun travel lock at a stowed or deployed position. 5 kinds of markings for the 653rd Heavy Anti-Tank Battalion included.


Bigger than the King Tiger, this model accurately displays the impressive characteristics of the Jagdtiger with its larger main gun, longer hull, and bigger fighting compartment.


Interior parts such as the main gun breach, shell rack, and floor boards are beautifully reproduced. Displaying the main gun in a recoiled position is equally impressive.


This tank comes reproduced with early edition spare track rack and jack. Photo-etched parts give the model additional realism.


Kit comes with two kinds of tracks: Belt type & Assembly type. Separate disc parts for the road wheels add greater realism.


Allowing you to understand more about this tank are the driver and commander torso figures.


These PE parts for the bullet guard mesh grilles for engine air intakes provides your model with a sharp finish.