The company JS Fries Sohn in Frankfurt am Main developed the Strabokran before the beginning of the war. There were three variants, which differed by payloads of 15 to 16 tonnes and in their different years of construction. The crane was built until the end of the war with about 100 pieces, partly under license from the company Stratenwerth in Duisburg. The cranes that were recovered were used in civilian lives after the war.

Germans used Half-Tracks ( Sd.Kfz. 8 or Sd.Kfz. 9 ) pulled the Strabokran in the field. To build the Strabokran 16t required ten soldiers about an hour of labor. Only the heavy tank repair units equipped with Panthers or Tigers received these special pieces of equipment.

Widely used with the heavy maintenance companies of the Wehrmacht, the so-called Strabokran was used also by V-2 Units to load and unload the missiles from the railway to the Vidal and Meiller Transport wagons.

The Strabo-Crane 16t could lift loads up to 16 tons (duh). Turrets of tanks could be lifted with it. When in its travel position, it could be towed like a two-axle trailer.

  • The kit features the 16t 1943/44 production version that was used more than any other version during WWII.
  • The kit includes a special fixture for hoisting the Panther and Tiger I turrets included in the kit.
  • The kit can be assembled in both collapsed (for towing) and erected (for service) configurations.
  • Metal chain is included in the kit for the required look and feel of steel chains.
  • Four color profiles from Ammo by Mig are included in the box.