The FJ43 is part of the famous FJ40 series of 4x4s produced by Toyota since 1953. The J40 was highly praised, proving to be a global best seller, due to its sturdiness, economy and reliability. The FJ43 was deployed for decades for both military and civilian duties, and still remains in service across many countries to date. Due to its capability in the most complicated terrain and tasks in many conflicts the Toyota FJ existed in various configurations carrying heavy machine guns, anti-air guns, recoilless rifles, and even rocket launchers.

AK Interactive FJ43 SUV w/ Soft Top IDF & LAF features:

  • Newly tooled, highly detailed kit. 
  • Highly detailed chassis with transmission and suspension systems.
  • Front wheels can be built as steerable.
  • Highly detailed driver’s cabin with seats and dashboard.
  • Highly detailed ribbed rear cargo bed.
  • Highly detailed canvas top assembly.
  • Includes AK Interactive IDF Accessories Set kit No:AK35006.
  • 2 types of wheels.
  • Clear parts for windshields, windows, and lights.
  • 4 marking options.