The Soviet D-30 howitzer is a 122 mm howitzer that first entered service in 1960. Considered as a  robust towed artillery gun suitable for all conditions. The D-30 has a maximum range of 15.4 kilometres, or over 21 km using rocket-assisted projectile ammunition.

The D-30 howitzer can be rapidly deployed and moved by lowering the gun’s cradle on level ground, which can be also traversed 360 degrees. Although no longer manufactured in the nations of the former Soviet Union, the D-30 is still manufactured internationally and is in service, even as conversions, with more than 60 countries’ armed forces.

Trumpeter Soviet D-30 122mm Howitzer – Late Version, features:

  • Highly detailed gun breech assembly with intricate sights’ assembly.
  • Highly detailed cradle with slide moulded stabiliser arms.
  • Can be built in either transport or firing position.
  • Rubber wheels with realistically reproduced tread patterns.
  • 1 PE fret.