The Coyote Tactical Support Vehicle (TSV) is a larger 6×6 design of the British Jackal 2 high mobility weapon platform. Primarily designed as a medium load carrier, the Coyote acts in support of Jackal 2 vehicles in transporting supplies and equipment over similar terrains. The Coyote has been designed to fulfil the role of a light tactical service vehicle.

The Coyote also serves as a high mobility armoured reconnaissance vehicle, and convoy escort while providing a better weapons platform with an extensive range of 800 kms. Primarily in service with the British Forces, some Coyotes were sent to Ukraine during the recent Russo-Ukrainian War.

Hobby Boss Coyote TSV (Tactical Support Vehicle) features:

  • Highly detailed kit.
  • Highly detailed slide moulded, armoured lower hull with detailed rivets and bolts.
  • Highly detailed intricate assembly suspension and steering systems. 
  • Highly detailed crew compartment including electronics, frames, and armour plates.
  • Highly detailed roof mounted .50 Cal heavy and 7.62mm machine gun. 
  • Complete array of accessories such as pioneering tools, jerry cans, and ammo cans.
  • Rubber wheels with authentically reproduced tire pattern.
  • 4 PE frets.
  • 2 marking options.