After the war, the Soviet Weapons Department resumed its heavy-duty battlefield tractor in 1946 and designed a tractor based on the T-54 tank chassis. With 5 tons of load capacity, 25 tons of traction, and excellent performance at speeds of up to 35 km/h. The T-54’s design allowed it to carry a variety of special engineering equipment to meet the engineering requirements of harsh battlefield terrain, including heavy artillery tractors such as the BAT-M, MDK-2M, and the BTM-3 High Speed Trench Digging Vehicle.

The 1/35 BTM-3 High Speed Trench Digging Vehicle from Trumpeter consists of over 770 parts. The kit features a slide mold lower hull, driver’s cabin, finely detailed individual tracks, photo etch parts, and a copper wire for simulating the tow cable.