The British Sherman Firefly was a tank used by the United Kingdom and some Commonwealth, and Allied armoured formations during the Second World War. The British Firefly was based on the US M4 Sherman tank, but was equipped with the more powerful 76.2 mm caliber British 17 pounder anti tank gun.

During the war, the British Army made extensive use of their Sherman Firefly tanks, which proved highly valuable, since its gun could penetrate the thick armor of both the Panther and Tiger tanks in Normandy. Sue to their lethality, German tank and anti tank gun crews were instructed to eliminate Fireflies first. As a result, crews tried to camouflage the longer barrel to disguise the tank as a normal 75 mm Sherman.

Ryefield Model‘s 1/35 British Sherman Firefly consists of 14 light grey plastic sprues, 1 clear styrene sprue, a slide moulded turret and upper hull, 1 PE fret, metal springs, and a decal sheet.

The kit features a movable Vertical Volute Spring System (VVSS) with the aid of metal springs, along with 3 types of return rollers. The type T62 tracks are fully workable after assembly allowing for various diorama scenarios, featuring a one piece slide moulded connector and a jig for ease of assembly. 3 types of sprockets feature finely detailed fastening screws.

The Firefly’s side skirts as divided as the real vehicle with PE skirt supporting brackets. the kit also includes 2 types of tow hooks, antenna bases, and muzzle brakes.

PE parts are also included to simulate the thin head and tail light guards, as well as the periscope guards just like the read vehicle.

It is to be noted than the British Sherman Firefly was in service with the Lebanese Army during the 1950s, and have seen combat during the Lebanese civil unrest in the late 1950s prior to the Lebanese Civil War.