The British Chieftain was a second-generation main battle tank developed from the Centurion tank, which served with the British Army between the 1960s and the 1980s. Equipped with a new power pack and improved transmission, the Chieftain tank benefitted from higher speeds than its predecessor despite the heavier armor upgrades. With greater firepower and protection needed against the threat posed by the newer Soviet tanks, the British Chieftain was equipped with the then-most advanced 120mm L11A5 rifled gun. Later variants of the British Chieftain received the additional Stillbrew add-on armor for extra protection, such as the Chieftain Mk.10, as well as a bigger 750 HP engine improving the mobility of previous versions.

Meng 1/35 British Chieftain MK.10 Main Battle Tank contains 12 light grey, 1 clear plastic for the lights and periscopes, a slide moulded lower hull, chassis, and turret, a bag of individual track links, metal springs, poly caps, a PE fret, and a decal sheet. The kit features a realistic cast texture on both the composite and Stillbrew armor, in addition to the highly detailed weld lines and bolts on the lower hull and turret. Both the main gun’s soft vinyl mantlet and main gun barrel feature crisp details.

The accurately reproduced spring loaded workable suspension system, along with the fully workable tracks allow for a varied terrain diorama setting. The turret’s infrared searchlight includes interior details and can be assembled as either in the open or closed state. All crew hatches can be built open or closed.

Two marking options are included for 2 British Army vehicles. One vehicle painted in a 2tone, black and green, camo with a second vehicle painted in the Berlin/Urban camo pattern during late 1980s.