You Don’t Need The Force, You Just Need This Set!

There’s an old Chinese saying: To Do a Good Job, You Need Good Tools First.

When modelers want to build plastic models, it’s important to have the best easy-to-use tools.

The MTS-003 Basic Hobby Tool Set from Meng is best suited for beginners in the hobby.

This set includes a pair of side cutters, a hobby knife with 12 spare blades, a flat file, and a pair of tweezers, all conveniently packed inside a delicate leather bag for storage.

What’s In The Set?

MTS-006 Basic side cutters
The side cutters have sharp and rigid cutting edges which can cut plastic parts, runners and brass rods smaller than 0.7mm in diameter. Fitted with a non-slip handle, the product is suitable for beginners.

MTS-007 Basic hobby knife
This hobby knife is equipped with a metal slot to install the blade. This sturdy and durable hobby knife is comfortable to hold. It uses a 30 degree angle blade and is very suitable for removing plastic attachments and small parts. It’s a must-have modeling tool.

MTS-008 Basic flat file
It can file quickly and leave only small traces. Its perfect 50mm long coated area is more suitable for filing model surface and joints. The file is easy to clean after use.

MTS-009 Tweezers
Metal surface of the rigid stainless steel tweezers has received special treatment. It looks beautiful and won’t slide during use. The delicate flat pointed tips can hold small parts firmly.