The AN/TPY-2 is a high-resolution, X-band solid-state active phased array radar that was specifically designed for ballistic missile defense. The AN/TPY-2 X-Band Radar can function under two deployment modes, the pre-deployment mode and the terminal deployment mode. In the terminal deployment mode, the TPY-2 radar is deployed with the “Sade” system as a fire control radar for the anti-missile system. In this mode, the radar can detect ballistic missiles in the ascending section. When the missile is outside the atmosphere, it can also be positioned and tracked. Once the missile re-enters the atmosphere, it can guide the missiles of the “Sade” system at the end to intercept. . Because of the need for positioning, the working distance in this mode is closer.

In the pre-deployment mode, the radar can feed back the initial trajectory of the missile ascending section and the middle of the ballistics to the land-based mid-section interception system. From these pre-deployed locations, the TPY-2 radar intelligently detects and tracks medium-range ballistic missiles at the beginning of the launch and calculates data such as speed and orbit.

This kit from Trumpeter, kit No:01059, consists of over 580+ parts, a slide mold cab. The kit features a full drive train assembly complete with an engine, transmission, differential housing and suspension units.

This kit can be also combined with the 1/35th scale THAAD Anti-ballistic Missile System for a diorama setting.