The AIFV-B (Armored Infantry Fighting Vehicle) is an improved US tracked light armored vehicle based on the M113A1 armored personnel carrier, manufactured by FMC corporation. The AIFV-B’s hull is composed of welded aluminum, with spaced steel laminate armor bolted onto the side and front of the hull.

Armed with an Oerlikon Contraves 25 mm KBA-B02 cannon, the AIFV-B is also equipped with a 7.62 mm coaxial FN MAG general purpose machine gun, while also allowing the engagement of targets from within the carrier through 4 side, and 1 rear firing ports.

Revised Dutch and Belgian variants of the vehicle were fitted with a new NBC system and a Halon fire suppression system, to be later sold to other countries such as Lebanon, Chile, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

Both the Airborne (Moujawkal) Regiment, and Commando (Maghaweer) Regiment in the Lebanese Armed Forces operate the AIFV-B-C25.

AFV Club 1/35 AIFV-B-C25 consists of 5 green sprues, 1 slide moulded lower hull, a set of vinyl tracks, and 1 PE fret. The kit features fine, crisp details and weld lines. The upper hull features a delicate intake and exhaust grill, which are enhanced with the addition of the included PE parts. The foward floatation device includes a visible cast anti slip texture. Both side skirts feature delicate attachment points for hanging packs and additional stowage. The vinyl tracks can be upgraded by the use of a workable set of tracks, available separately.

Scale modellers can choose between building the AIFV straight out of the box or modify the kit to represent the add on stowage baskets found on the slopped armor of units operating in Lebanon.