The AEV 3 Kodiak is a Leopard 2 main battle tank (MBT) based armoured engineering vehicle that can be used for a wide variety of battlefield engineering, infrastructure and support roles. These roles can include, and are not limited to minefield breaching, route denial, dozing and digging tasks, and the erection and demolition of obstacles. Originally developed for the Swiss Army, the Kodiak was also deployed by the German Army under the name Pionierpanzer 3 (PiPz 3) Kodiak.

Border Model 1/35 AEV 3 Kodiak Pionierpanzer Swiss/German (2 in 1) features:

  • Highly detailed lower hull featuring crisp weld lines and bolts.
  • 2 Highly detailed slide molded upper hull structure featuring crisp details and anti slip texture.
  • Fully workable suspension and tracks after assembly.
  • Detailed inscription on the wheels’ rubber rims.
  • Highly detailed front dozer assembly.
  • Highly detailed and fully articulated bucket excavator assembly.
  • Optional .50 cal remote control weapon station for the Swiss version.
  • Clear parts for the headlights, periscopes, and sights.
  • Vinyl parts for the read mud flaps.
  • Length of poly tube to depict hydraulic hoses.
  • Length of metal cable to depict tow cable.
  • 3 PE frets.
  • Two marking options for 1 German & 1 Swiss vehicle painted in 3-tone NATO camouflage.