If you are interested in having your scale models, reviews, and articles published on our official website, simply send us your content on [email protected].

Please include your full name, IPMS Lebanon subscription number (if applicable), and a short description of your model. This information should include the kit used, scale, and modifications applied, if any.



  • Please provide at least 5 images for each model.
  • Photos need to be well-lit. (Desk lamps can aid in achieving a perfect result)
  • Photos need to be well-focused. (A simple camera/phone tripod will make this task easier)
  • Models need to be photographed against backdrops. (No specific color)
  • Content will be on display as long as you are a current member. (IPMS Valid)
  • IPMS (LB) members can publish as much of their content online. (No restrictions apply)

To have a look at our photography guide, press HERE